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Premium Fabric Face Masks are the most comfortable mask on the market! Fully adjustable and made of 100% lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester, these masks have maximum comfort and breathability--perfect for extended wear and during sport activities, providing safety solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.


*Disclaimer: This covering is not intended for use in a medical, hazmat setting, or any high-risk environments. This covering acts as a physical barrier only and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SPECIAL FILTERS.


  • Product Info


    -Adjustable and form-fitted nose bridge ensuses proper fit and prevents air leakage that fogs glasses.

    -Adjustable and stretchy ear straps for long-term wear. No headaches or uncomfortable ear pressure.

    -Super soft.

    -One size fits most.

    -2-sided REVERSIBLE (one design side, one all black side).

    -Machine washable.


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